Reading Material

The Brewmaster’s Table – Garrett Oliver

I Don't Read the Bible. I Read Garrett Oliver.

Head Brewer of the Brooklyn Brewery and all-around cool guy, Garrett Oliver, was my hook, line and sinker into the world of beer and home brewing.  This book is packed with information, yet is never too much.  If he wrote a sequel (despite covering a tremendous amount in this publication) I would be first in line to buy it.  I want more. His notes on food pairings with beer are invaluable and without rival.  You don’t have to know a lot about beer in order to pick up this book and give it a go.  Oliver explains everything, beginning at a very basic level.

This book is a must-have for any beer enthusiast.  Even if you could not possibly care less about food and beer pairings there is still enough other information on your favorite beverage to keep you hooked.

The New Complete Joy of Homebrewing – Charlie Papazian
Homebrewing recipes, tips, ingredients and beer styles all under one cover.  I have an older edition of this book, I believe there to be newer versions circulating with different recipes and revisions.  This book answered a lot of the initial questions I had when brewing my first few batches of beer.  The tips and general brewing information are priceless and the recipes are entertaining so say the least (Wise Ass Red Bitter and Winky Dink Marzen  to name a few.)  This book is solid information that is easily understood.



Brew Ware – Karl F. Lutzen & Mark Stevens

As if the idea of brewing your own beer in your apartment or home wasn’t hands-on enough, with Brew Ware you can get easy directions for how to make your own homebrewing equipment.  To date I have made my own bottle tree and beer case using this book all with successful, operational products.

In case this wasn’t nerdy enough, Amazon offers this book straight to your Kindle.


The Homebrewer’s Garden – Joe and Dennis Fisher

The ultimate guide to building your own brew house, at your house.  Grow your own hops, malts and herbs (someday I will be able to do this.)  This book gives every bit of information needed for starting your own beer-centered garden.  In the back are brewing recipes that focus on the ingredients from your garden as well.





Designing Great Beers – Ray Daniels

This is the homebrewer’s equivalent to a text book.  This is brewing broken down scientifically.  I am not going to lie: this book is pretty intimidating.  There are charts, graphs, small type, big words and no pictures.  It does provide a great depth of information, that is important for any semi-serious homebrewer or any off the street nerd looking for a fix.



Homebrew Favorites – Karl F. Lutzen and Mark Stevens

The majority of the beers that I have brewed have been recipes from this book or variations of recipes from this book.  The idea behind it is pretty ingenious: a compilation of recipes from homebrewers nation-wide.  Recipes range from traditional beer styles, to flavored, spiced and fruit beers.  There are also several recipes for meads and ciders in the back.  I believe that there are other editions of this book with new recipes, however, I have not run out of options in this one yet.


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