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Beer Bread Showdown

22 Nov

In a joint effort with Foodonia we have put together a beer bread test group, if you will.  We baked four loaves of bread all using the same recipe just adding a different beer to see how the results varied.

Beers Used:

the lineup

Budweiser was used because most recipes online call for Coors, or Bud light and a close friend requesting using straight-up Bud.  I chose #9 for it’s bit of Belgian yeast funk and spices.  The porter was used because I wanted to use a  beer with good, pronounced darker malts.  Lastly, Ommegang’s Hennepin was chosen for it’s white pepper notes and farmhouse qualities.

For a review of the bread baking process and recipe used make sure to check out Foodonia’s post.

The results were not exactly how I guessed things would have turned out.  The porter I had predicted to have tasted the best, however, almost none of the flavors stuck to the bread.  For the most part, it only imparted it’s color to the bread.  The Budweiser was deemed the worst of the breads.  The #9 and the Hennepin both came out giving off good flavors.  I preferred the Hennepin, though others backed the #9, and for good reason.

They boast a remarkably clean oven

The breads came out looking stupid.  I don’t really know how else to say it but they didn’t really get too much of a crust.  This is purely an aesthetic problem because the breads all tasted fine.  They were best after sitting for some time and for whatever reason when the bread is toasted the beer flavors become more pronounced. *shrugs*

If we were to do this again (and we may very well refine the recipe and the beers and give it another go) then I would consider using the following beers:

Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, Samuel Adam’s Winter Lager, Southern Tier’s Pumking, and Brown’s Harvest IPA.



It Snowed, now for Beer.

9 Nov

Today the capital region of New York got a taste of the season to come: snow, sleet, no sunlight after 4:30 pm and no one knowing how to drive.  To officially welcome Winter each week-day this week the beer of the day will be from the Samuel Adams Winter variety pack which I saw graced the shelves of my local grocery store as of late.  Today’s beer of the day (Sam Adams Winter Lager) was a coincidence, but look forward to each beer in the variety pack up through Friday.

The pack this year includes:  Boston Lager, Chocolate Bock, Holiday Porter, Winter Lager, White Ale and Old Fezziwig Ale. (In case the math didn’t work out for you: I will not be featuring Boston Lager because it has already been the Beer of the Day.)

The best way to experience this would be to purchase a variety pack of your own to enjoy and drink along throughout the week (just a thought.)