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Near Disaster Turned Milestone

6 Sep

On Saturday, after replacing my punctured tire I needed a drink.  I went to the only place guaranteed to make me feel better: Mahar’s.

Mahar’s is a bar that I don’t want you to know about, yet feel compelled to fill you in on.  The reason I don’t want you to know about it is that too many people already know about it, and if there is one thing I hate it is waiting too long for a beer from my favorite bar because some shmuck is in my way and hogging some bar-room.  Mahar’s is small, but offers a large listing of beer.  Their is a link to their web-site on the right, don’t expect a lot of updates or too much information (however they are fairly good about updating what is on tap.)


I am a proud member of Mahar’s World Tour of Beer, and the milestone reached on Saturday while drowning my automotive woes was my fiftieth beer.  Their tour is set up into levels:  at fifty beers you are awarded a t-shirt; at 125 you are given a mug with a design of your choosing on it with which you receive a discount on drafts; 200 beers gets you a case of your favorite beer; and 500 gets  you a plaque with your name on it.  Saturday, my fiftieth beer was consumed, Boulder Beer’s Cold Hop. My t-shirt came out, Mahar’s most recognizable bar tender Bill shook my hand and a slow-moving tear ran down my cheek.

Mahar’s is not a typical college-town bar.  They do not serve liquor, only beer.  They do not blast Lady Ga Ga.  There are no games, no food and no tolerance for drunken dis-orderlies.  These are more reasons to love it.

I rarely go to bars.  I often go to Mahar’s.