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My Overdue Oktoberfest Post

24 Oct

We are pushing three weeks since I volunteered my Saturday to work at Wolff’s Biergaarten for their 2nd annual Oktoberfest celebration.  My bad on not posting sooner, [insert lame excuse here.]

I volunteered to help out at this event and I recommend anyone who likes: beer, sausage, German folk music, cool free stuff, or any combination of these things to strongly consider it next year.  I went in for 5 hours of working security.  However, it wouldn’t be fair for them to put me in a situation where I would be responsible for checking IDs because they would seriously loose their liquor license if I were an idiot (which, let’s face it: I am.)  So, I really didn’t do anything all day.  For a while I stood behind the food tent watching to make sure people didn’t try to sneak in through a parking lot (no one did.)  BONUS: I got some free eats from the chefs working because I helped them break down boxes and carry a cooking range.  Later on in the day I was just walking around the bar area.  Literally, they told me that it makes the bartenders feel better if there is someone walking around amongst the crowd (surely a false sense of security because if you have seen me I am not intimidating and my first thought in a violent situation is to run.)

What was my reward for all of this ‘work?’  A $50 dollar gift certificate for the Biergaarten, two Wolff’s T-shirts, a meal voucher for Oktoberfest, 2 beer tokens for the event, and a glass Spaten stein.  Talk about a bargain.

My only complaint about the event was that a lot of people were there.  It took a while to get a beer, and people were kind of douche-y about waiting in lines.  A few righteous bros thought that they were entitled to not having to wait for their beers so they barged through the patient, relaxed, fun-having crowd.  Number one: are those aviator sunglasses really necessary indoors, and number two: I hope you choke on your beer.

For the most part everyone was relaxed and quite pleasant.  The employees I worked with at Wolff’s were fun and I am happy to give Wolff’s my business.  If you haven’t checked the Biergaarten out yet, then you may be wasting time in the capital region.

wasting precious "beer-getting" time by posing for photos, also: sweet gloves.


About Time…

17 Sep


Those of you who have waited up long hours wishing and praying that some day you could enjoy your favorite ale or lager in official Middle-Earth drinking vessels will be pleased to know that this dream can finally be a reality.  Gone are the days of drinking in non-hobbit glassware, but now we are all faced with a great choice: Green Dragon or Prancing Pony?

If my memory is right then the Green Dragon is the pub from the Hobbit’s hometown and the Prancing Pony is the pub in the human town of Bree.  If you are already lost then just know that this post is strictly about Lord of the Rings drinkware and that I understand if you now think less of me.

and there was much rejoicing

People that are still interested should know (and sit down for this one) that Green Dragon pint glasses are already sold out.  Please try not to throw your monitor in a fit of rage at this news, for there are still Green Dragon steins available!

I know what you are thinking… when are they going to start selling those sweet wooden pipes that Gandalf smokes out of in the movies?  Well, take what you can get and don’t waste any more time.  Go to the website and order your vessels.

fly you fools!

Another Burger Laid to Rest, Another Beer Enjoyed – Brown’s Brewing Company, Troy, NY

14 Sep

My Beacon in the Night

In my battle against hunger, thirst and the craving for the flavor and aroma of hops I found satisfaction in Brown’s Taproom, on River Street in Troy.  I had settled upon my destination but soon found myself caught in a feud of burger ownership from the City of Lakes, Minneapolis.  The Juicy Lucy, or Jucy Lucy, is a cheeseburger where cheese is cooked in the middle of the beef patty.  Two bars in Minneapolis both claim they were responsible for the creation of this burger, but I’m not picking sides: I am just enjoying Brown’s take on it.

Head chef, Paul Minbiole, has put together a very interesting menu for a Troy brewhouse: many of his creations involve beer made locally by Brown’s.  My burger, unfortunately did not contain any of their signature beers, but it was oozing with delicous boursin cheese.  What to pair with my rich, cheesy burger?  I used Brown’s Harvest I.P.A. (Beer of the Day on September 10th) because I gave in to temptation.  I can’t resist the idea of an I.P.A. made with hops that have been used in brewing a day after they are picked.

poor guy didn't have a chance...

I made short work of my burger and my beer was soon to follow.  If you live in the area and haven’t been to Brown’s then you should re-examine your priorities.  Even the building is cool: their taproom is an old brick building they saved and have re-worked to contain their brewery and pub.  I have to cut myself off because I will literally go on about how much I like this place for the rest of the day.  Just experience it for yourself.

Near Disaster Turned Milestone

6 Sep

On Saturday, after replacing my punctured tire I needed a drink.  I went to the only place guaranteed to make me feel better: Mahar’s.

Mahar’s is a bar that I don’t want you to know about, yet feel compelled to fill you in on.  The reason I don’t want you to know about it is that too many people already know about it, and if there is one thing I hate it is waiting too long for a beer from my favorite bar because some shmuck is in my way and hogging some bar-room.  Mahar’s is small, but offers a large listing of beer.  Their is a link to their web-site on the right, don’t expect a lot of updates or too much information (however they are fairly good about updating what is on tap.)


I am a proud member of Mahar’s World Tour of Beer, and the milestone reached on Saturday while drowning my automotive woes was my fiftieth beer.  Their tour is set up into levels:  at fifty beers you are awarded a t-shirt; at 125 you are given a mug with a design of your choosing on it with which you receive a discount on drafts; 200 beers gets you a case of your favorite beer; and 500 gets  you a plaque with your name on it.  Saturday, my fiftieth beer was consumed, Boulder Beer’s Cold Hop. My t-shirt came out, Mahar’s most recognizable bar tender Bill shook my hand and a slow-moving tear ran down my cheek.

Mahar’s is not a typical college-town bar.  They do not serve liquor, only beer.  They do not blast Lady Ga Ga.  There are no games, no food and no tolerance for drunken dis-orderlies.  These are more reasons to love it.

I rarely go to bars.  I often go to Mahar’s.