Crazy Cool Coasters

6 Dec


As mentioned in my previous post on recycling bottles for homebrew some labels were left in tact from the soaking process.  These labels provided the grounds for a very simple and easy craft project that yielded some decent beer coasters (I suppose that the coasters would work for any beverage but I am not going to pretend that mine will get the chance.)

Home-made Beer Coasters

The project was too simple to even list directions.  Basically, once you have the labels go buy yourself some thin particle board and some wood glue and get measuring and cutting.  Coat the surface of the particle board with glue, lay the label on top of it (if you don’t know how to glue things onto flat surfaces perhaps you should rethink the project entirely) then do a thin layer of glue over top of the adhered label.  Make sure that you buy water resistant glue so that it will hold up during use.

The Pangaea and Brown’s cherry-raspberry labels were fairly larger than your average coaster size.  I am just telling people that they are meant to hold multiple drinks in order to discourage drinking alone.


One Response to “Crazy Cool Coasters”

  1. Sam December 6, 2010 at 3:57 pm #

    if only i could turn my coors light cans into coasters, then we’d be in business!

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