About Time…

17 Sep


Those of you who have waited up long hours wishing and praying that some day you could enjoy your favorite ale or lager in official Middle-Earth drinking vessels will be pleased to know that this dream can finally be a reality.  Gone are the days of drinking in non-hobbit glassware, but now we are all faced with a great choice: Green Dragon or Prancing Pony?

If my memory is right then the Green Dragon is the pub from the Hobbit’s hometown and the Prancing Pony is the pub in the human town of Bree.  If you are already lost then just know that this post is strictly about Lord of the Rings drinkware and that I understand if you now think less of me.

and there was much rejoicing

People that are still interested should know (and sit down for this one) that Green Dragon pint glasses are already sold out.  Please try not to throw your monitor in a fit of rage at this news, for there are still Green Dragon steins available!

I know what you are thinking… when are they going to start selling those sweet wooden pipes that Gandalf smokes out of in the movies?  Well, take what you can get and don’t waste any more time.  Go to the website and order your vessels.

fly you fools!


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